Food is meant to taste great and make us feel great, but above all, it has the incredible ability to bring us together across cultures. Having lived in different corners of the globe, the flavors I’ve encountered and picked up along the way have become a part of me and my story. Everiday is a fusion of my food ethos and these experiences, and my way of sharing a meal with you.


Guided by our food philosophy 'whole foods the whole time', our line of punchy chili sauces and oils (all made with extra virgin olive oil and no hidden nasties like sugar or MSG).

House Chili: Our House Chili is that not-so-secret sauce you'll want in your fridge forever. Endlessly versatile and easy to love, it combines the heat from fresh red chilis with layers of bright citrus, lending itself to a wide variety of dishes with ease and deliciousness. Great on sandwiches, as a dipping sauce, and for adding a kick to dressings.
Sambal: Sultry, earthy, and distinctly umami, our vegan sambal does double duty as both a dipping sauce and cooking paste. It combines spices and herbs in an aromatic blend that adds delicious depth to the simplest of recipes. Great with seafood and meats, or for mixing with coconut milk for an easy curry.
Garlic Chili Oil: A deliciously piquant chili oil loaded with garlicky goodness. Made with extra virgin olive oil and a fiery blend of chilis, it's the perfect balance of texture and heat that's versatile enough to have with everything. Great accompaniment to noodles, eggs, and pasta. Also adds a lovely kick when drizzled over soups, dal, or hummus.
Chili Crisp: Spicy, savory, and slightly numbing, the ratio of goodies (the "crisp") to EVOO in our Chili Crisp creates a crunchy, addictive mouthfeel that belongs on everything from eggs to ice-cream. Great with dim sum, meats, noodles, and pizza. Also pairs incredibly with grilled cheese and fresh burrata.

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