6 Tips On How To Indulge Mindfully Over The Lunar New Year

6 Tips On How To Indulge Mindfully Over The Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is a time for gathering and indulging in traditional treats with friends and family but that doesn't mean we can't utilize some simple tips to enjoy the festivities mindfully. Here are some of the ways I personally navigate being festive and feasting! 

1. Change the sequence of eating
Start with a fiber, then move to protein, and then carbohydrate. Something as simple as this has a huge impact on digestion and bloating. The fibers and proteins will keep your blood sugar very balanced and ready to take on the carbs. This might look like starting your meal with your favorite stir-fried vegetables, moving to some steamed fish or other protein, and ending with longevity noodles - and maybe a pineapple tart!

2. Have vinegar
My favorite is apple cider vinegar but any vinegar at the start of a meal promotes good digestion and helps balance blood sugar.

3. You don't have finish what you're not enjoying
If you don't enjoy what you're eating, it's best to leave it. I am not about wasting food but I also don't want to treat my body like a dustbin. If you feel it might be impolite to leave your food on your plate, start with a small quantity and if you like the food, serve yourself more later.

4. Leave a 12-hour gap between dinner and breakfast
A good digestive rest overnight can do wonders. The digestive process takes a huge amount of energy so making sure to give it a good break in between feasting is important.

5. Have a digestive enzyme before meals
As mentioned, digestion is a lot of work and if you know you are going to be eating foods that don't agree with you or that are heavy, you might want to give your gut a little extra support with an enzyme supplement. 

Forget the food guilt because a negative mindset slows your digestion and metabolism. If you love the food you are eating (even if it might not love you back) your body will do a better job at processing it if your mind is relaxed. 

- Riyana

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